Here you will find my standard pricing guide. This includes all sessions EXCEPT the following:

The prices for these sessions can be found by clicking on the links listed above. All other standard sessions (child and teen, family, sports, etc) fall under the following pricing.

In the next column you will find my price breakdown. Like all of my other pricing structures, I keep it very simple for clients to understand. You pay a standard fee of $200 for the first hour, and an additional $150 for every hour after that. This includes a disc of ALL images taken during the shoot - professionally edited and corrected, ready to print or post online!

Please don't hesitate to share your vision of the images you want! Want an industrial type look? Something outdoors in a field? This is your session - it's also easier as a photographer to know what the client is looking for before going into the session.

Schedule your family session with me today - we will work together to come up with a time that suits the images you are looking for!

Standard Pricing for Photography Sessions

  • $200 for the first hour
  • Each additional hour - $150
  • All images professionally edited on a disc given to the client after the session
  • Print off as many copies as you'd like!
  • Post to any online social network
  • Family Sessions
  • Sporting Events
  • Child and Teen Sessions
  • Commercial Photography