Below you will find links to each page for my pricing structure. I currently offer many different types of media including Photography, Videography & Animation, Web Design and Development, and much more! Within the pricing structures of each, I also offer many other services within the three main categories, such as:

  • Photography Professional Touch Up and Effects work
  • Animation and 3D work
  • SEO Optimization on all websites I develop
  • Custom Blogs


I have different pricing structures for every situation, and some situations can be negotiated if need be. Please use the links below for more information regarding my prices that I currently offer.


My Pricing Options


Photography Pricing


The pricing structure for my photography is based around hourly work, and not printed work. I try to differ from other photographers by only charging for the time I am there. With all of my photography pricing guides, the customer will receive a DVD with ALL of the photos that are taken during the session. You can take these photos and print them off wherever you may like! I do offer professional printing options as well. An online gallery for your viewing is also something I offer – view your prints within 24 hours of them being taken!

Video & Animation


My pricing for videography & animation varies from project to project. Many smaller projects require much less work than larger projects. Also, if visual effects will be included in your project, this can also increase the price as the time to create the effects greatly increases. I use top of the line equipment from Canon. I will have a good idea on the overall estimate of the project once going over everything with the customer. My prices are very competitive compared to many other videographers. Visit the pricing structure below for my Videography & Animation prices.

Web Development


Web development is usually straightforward for the most part. Most sites for users/businesses today are generally under 10 pages in size, and require hours of development and design. I do both development and design, as well as incorporating my Photography & Videography into your site if you wish. I also make sure the site is SEO optimized and include a report to the customer showing the analytics of your site – view your page hits and much more! This can be sent out daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Please click below to view my pricing for website development & design.